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Difficult and demanding medical device applications require exacting quality procedures and standards, such as ISO 13485. Our world class customers often design geometrically complex parts requiring our insert or overmolding manufacturing expertise. They also need our clean environment room molding, assembly and packaging equipment to control particulate and contamination. Products designed to perform critical functions often require tooling or process validation as part of the qualification process. Our quality assurance team can provide reports and statistical analysis for your custom qualification protocol. Examples of considerable experience in the medical field follows:

Turnkey Assembled Devices

    • Anastomosis Assist Device
    • Tissue Sculpter
    • EKG Monitor
    • Hemostatic Clips
    • Rongeur
    • Trocar


    • Nipple Guards
    • Diaphragm Pump
    • Monitor Arm
    • Tube Rack
    • Waste Bottle
    • HGB Flow Cell Holder
    • Suture Passer


    • Suture O-Ring
    • Probe Slider
    • Reagent Cap
    • Aperture Plate
    • Valve Body
    • Tongue Suspension Suture
    • Threaded Nosecone